Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Bed? 3 Reasons That Make Sense!

dogs have a lot of extremely odd behavior. One of the odd character traits they often exhibit is digging. You might be wondering "why do dogs dig in their bed", that's a normal and natural question. There are plenty of reasons that can go into it, here's a few.

Dogs are oddballs, aren’t they? They have a few pre-sleep rituals that make us scratch our heads and think “why in the world are you doing that?“. If your dog is a digger, you’ve probably asked the question “why do dogs dig in their beds?” This is one of those weird things that nearly every […]

Why Do Dogs Dig Holes? 8 Common Reasons and Simple Solutions

Have you ever asked the question why do dogs dig holes? It's a little more complicated than it may seem at first, but it doesn't have to be. This is how to prevent this behavior

One of the most frustrating things about being a dog owner is when your dog starts to dig holes in the yard. It’s especially frustrating when they get into the garden you put so much time and effort into! Your first instinct may be to figure out how to stop your dog from digging, but […]

When Can You Bathe a Newborn Puppy? The 8 Step Process

If you have a newborn puppy in your own, you know they like to get messy, but is it ok to bathe them at an early age? You won't want to submerge them in water, but it is ok to wipe them down

Let’s be honest, newborn puppies are pretty much the cutest things on this planet, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re anything like me, all you want to do is snuggle with them day and night, but there is one issue… …newborn puppies have an incredible knack for rolling and stepping in gross things which their mother […]