Humans love dogs, but you might be wondering how to know if your dog loves you. Here are the most common ways to tell your dog loves you as much as you love them.

How To Know If Your Dog Loves You – 10 Proven Signs

If you have ever owned a dog, you understand that one of the main reasons so many people around the world choose to get one is due to their unconditional love for their owners. According to multiple studies, there are around 74.8 million people out there that would prefer a dog as their pet of choice! The reasons for this are simple.

For most, a dog isn’t just a pet. When you get one, they quickly become a part of your family. Your dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, what family you are from, what your background is, or where you grew up. Your dog will love you for who you are no matter what! There are stories all over the internet of emotional dogs reuniting with their owners after being lost for long periods of time. So, when you get a dog, you almost expect that you will receive this unconditional love as well!

But how do you know if your dog loves you?

Getting Excited When You Walk Through the Door

After a long day at the office, one of the best feelings for dog owners is walking through the door and getting loved on by your overly excited pup who has been patiently waiting to see you all day! A lot of times, it doesn’t even matter if you have been gone all day or you just ran to the store for a few minutes, they are always just as excited to see you return. This is an obvious way to detect that your dog missed you while you were gone and that they are happy to have you back!

Always Curls Up Beside You

Does your dog follow you around everywhere and always curl up beside you on the couch? Or maybe he/she even tries to climb into your bed? That’s because they feel safe and secure around you and it’s their way of telling you they love and trust you. You could be anywhere in the house and their preferred spot is leaned up against your leg or resting their head on your lap. That is a good sign that your dog loves you.

Rolling Around on Their Back

Is it normal that whenever you are petting your dog, they always end up rolling over on their back and forcing you to scratch their belly? If so, then this is a good indication that your dog isn’t afraid to leave themselves vulnerable around you. This type of behavior is your dog showing you that he craves your attention. Some dogs even prefer this to a treat!

Sometimes Gets A Little Jealous

One thing you will notice if your dog loves you is that they tend to get a bit of jealousy from time to time. Sometimes dogs will get in between you and another dog you are playing with to try and win back that attention. Some people even experience this while talking with their spouses or playing with their kids. Too much of this behavior can turn into a problem, but it is a sure sign your dog loves you deep down!

Sleeps on Your Clothes

This goes back to how your dog wants to be around you and is always curling up beside you everywhere you go. They feel safe and secure in your presence. So, if you don’t allow your dog to climb in your bed or if you are out of the house, sometimes your dog will curl up with some old clothes you have lying around. They can pick up your scent off the clothing and get that same feeling of safety and security as they would if you were sitting there beside them. This is a sign that they love you!

Stares into Your Eyes

Most of the time, if you catch your dog staring or making eye contact with you, they are probably hoping for some type of snack or treat. Maybe they are looking for some attention or direction. But a lot of times dogs will do this because it is one way that your dog shows love. Of course, they may love you even more should you toss a sausage link or two their way!

Looks for You When Scared

A loving dog will often run to their owner anytime they are frightened or scared. An unfamiliar child running up to pet them or loud noises such as fireworks or sirens will often cause them to dart for their owner. When your dog feels safe around you and looks to you for protection, you know they love you!

Responds When You Call

Another great sign that your dog loves you is when they listen to you calling for them. They can be out playing in the yard or chewing on a bone but drop what they are doing and run right over as soon as they hear your voice. Training also plays a big part in this behavior, so don’t be discouraged thinking your dog doesn’t love you if he doesn’t respond right away. This can take some patience and training, but eventually your dog will show you the love!

Body Language

Obviously, your dog can’t talk to you and tell you how he feels. But dogs do communicate and show their feelings through body language! There are many studies out there describing different body language a dog uses to show love such as if your dog’s tail wags to the right it is more meaningful than if it wags to the left. Other studies say that lifting their eyebrows, specifically the left one, shows signs of familiarity and love. Bottom-line is when you see that “doggy-grin,” you will know that your dog loves you!

Waits for You to Get Home

This is a sign I have learned from my own experience as a dog owner. Right around the time you usually get home from work, your dog will linger around the door or window waiting for you to get there. Some people believe that your dog doesn’t know if you have been away for one hour or ten, but studies have shown that dogs do recognize routines and environment changes. This explains why your dog will be watching out the window right around the time you get home from work. They know that it is soon time to greet you!

Dogs are amazing pets and loyal as can be. If you are showing them your love and attention along with giving them positive reinforcement, then most likely your dog will provide you with that same treatment right back!


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