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What to Feed a Sick Dog: The Upset Stomach Cure

If your dog is under weather it's smart to do some searching for what to feed a sick dog. Here's some great things to give your sick k9 friend

One of the most heartbreaking things of dog ownership is when your dog gets sick. They can’t communicate to you with words that they aren’t feeling well, but you can tell by their lethargy, upset stomach, and possible vomiting that they’re feeling under the weather. When your dog isn’t feeling well, it’s important to remember […]

High Calorie Dog Food – Help Your Dog Put on The Pounds

If your dog needs to gain some weight, the first thing you should look for is high calorie dog food.

You don’t see too many underweight dogs. You certainly see plenty of overweight dogs, but rarely underweight. If your dog has trouble putting on the pounds, you might have a hard time finding information about helping your dog gain weight. There’s a reason for this. Only 1.1% of dogs would be considered underweight. Compare this […]