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How Hot is Too Hot For Dogs [Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer]

If you're wondering how hot is too hot for dogs, that means you probably live in scorching hot weather. Here's how to keep them cool on summer days.

Summertime sure does bring back a lot of fond memories. During your childhood, you always looked forward to summer because of that long three month break from school. As an adult, you look forward to those summer vacations and outdoor activities. But one member of your family may not like summer as much as you […]

My Dog is Drinking Excessive Water [Here’s What to Do]

If your dog is drinking excessive water there could be something seriously wrong. Here are the main reasons a dog might drink too much water.

Most dog owners do their best to make sure their dog doesn’t eat an excessive amount of food…but some dog owners struggle with the opposite, getting their dog to stop drinking an excessive amount of water! Now before you panic and assume something is wrong with your dog, just because something COULD be wrong doesn’t […]

My Dog Won’t Drink Water But Will Eat [Simple At Home Solutions]

If your dog wont drink water but will eat then something could be medically wrong. Be sure to take them into the vet asap before waiting too long

It can be really confusing when your dog eats their food but won’t drink any water. Most information on the web talks about what you should do if your dog stops drinking AND eating…but what if your dog’s appetite for food continued, they just dog refuse to drink water? This issue needs immediate attention because […]