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Worst Dog Food You Can Buy [The Scary Truth]

How do you know you aren't buying the worst dog food when you pick up kibbles for your dog? Make sure it's not one of these

The dog health industry has seen significant advancements over the past few years. We’ve learned that dogs aren’t actually color blind like we were once told, hip problems are more preventable than we thought, and medicine to prevent common issues such as kennel cough have been developed. However, one of the most surprising things research […]

What to Feed a Sick Dog: The Upset Stomach Cure

If your dog is under weather it's smart to do some searching for what to feed a sick dog. Here's some great things to give your sick k9 friend

One of the most heartbreaking things of dog ownership is when your dog gets sick. They can’t communicate to you with words that they aren’t feeling well, but you can tell by their lethargy, upset stomach, and possible vomiting that they’re feeling under the weather. When your dog isn’t feeling well, it’s important to remember […]